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Sightseer - Chapter 5

Accessible Tickets from the Access Line


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Fairly good access although it was crowded when I visited but that's to be expected with over 3,000 shows going on!

Transport & Parking


Not a great score but that to do with the area being pedestrianised for the festival so limited vehicle and bus access.



Getting in to the building has become easier as there's now an automated door. Look out for the push buttons on each side of the door. The entrance doorway does have a bit of a ramp down to the street so may be a bit tricky to negotiate for some folk. My powerchair was fine and the slope less of an issue than the crowds of people trying to go in and out. Once inside moving around was OK once you got the hang of crowd control!



Not applicable but for reference the nearest accessible loo is in the Starbucks just down the street.



The staff were helpful and once I explained I had come to collect tickets arranged for someone to come up from the booking office. The service was friendly, fast and efficient. Wasn't too keen on being 'moved out of the way' to sit at the side. I wanted to wait just like everyone else at the counter.

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The Access Line service itself was fabulous in arranging tickets and giving information!


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