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Accessible (Wheelchair) Ticket Booking Service


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Powerchair


Booking tickets to go to a show at the Edinburgh Fringe for a group of friends, including one person who uses a wheelchair. Used the phone booking service, very impressed by how knowledgeable and helpful they were.

Transport & Parking


This review is of the telephone booking service, so no transport required! However, if looking up the shows/venues online, they do indicate if there is accessible parking near them, and I felt I could have asked for this information on the phone if I had required it. Be ready for the whole of Edinburgh being very busy throughout the whole of August (Fringe season!!)



All the shows on at the Fringe are advertised in their free book which is available from each Spring/Summer. They are also listed on their website. Although there are many venues, and these vary in accessibility, overall it seems they are trying to make the Fringe as accessible as possible. Beside each listing online, it gives the accessibility info for each Show and venue, including Audio Described performances, Relaxed performances etc. Sensory Backpacks can be borrowed (for free), which are designed to make the Fringe more enjoyable for people on the autistic spectrum. It also lists the accessibility of the ticket offices, if you are wanting to go in-person to book or collect them. They have a specific 'access' section on their website and a phone number for this. Most tickets can be booked online, but to book a wheelchair ticket you have to do this on the phone or at a booking office. They do say they are hoping that this will be available to do online in the future.



Not really relevant for the booking process itself, however when planning for our trip was pleased to see there will be 5 Changing Places toilets in central Edinburgh during the Fringe. A map of where these will be is shown in the Fringe book and online.



I was very impressed by how knowledgeable and helpful the member of staff was on the phone. Nothing seemed too much trouble. When I said the name of the Show we wanted to go to, she described the access within the venue, without me having to ask for this. Any questions I did ask, she was able to answer, and she seemed to genuinely want to help us to enjoy going to the show.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

A very good experience of using the accessible booking phone line. Different shows and venues will vary in their accessibility, but efforts are definitely being made, and the information being available does mean you can make decisions about this in advance. We are now really looking forward to going and seeing our Show!!


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