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Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport, London, RH6 0NP, United Kingdom | 0844 892 0322 | Website


Wilson James Limited PRM Support Team


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Powerchair


Living only a 20 minute walk from Gatwick Airport getting a flight or a train is very convenient for us. LGW has two Eagle Lifters so as soon as I book a flight I go here to request the Eagle. Flying with Easyjet we went to the North Terminal booked in the wheelchair at the Easyjet special assistance desk and went straight through to security. I always bring a small tool kit for the wheelchair and that normally gets pulled. When I say it's for the chair if anything goes wrong it goes through. In departures we go straight to the special assistance desk to make ourselves known to the Wilson James PRM team and make sure the right Eagle is ready with the right sling. I will only fly with Easyjet if I can book 1E and I know the Eagle 4A has to be used with a large sling to get me over the fixed armrests. We make our own way to the gate as soon as it comes up on my phone app or on the airports monitors. If people wish they can be escorted to the gate by one of the PRM team. You are met at the gate by the PRM team and taken to the aumbilift. My wife removes the electric legs from the chair also the headrest. The sling is put on you ready for to be hooked up to the Eagle when the cabin crew opens the door. When I'm lifted from the chair my wife removes the cushion and puts in on the seat where I am sitting. She then puts in the flight safe key and brings the electric legs with the headrest into the cabin. The wheelchair is ready to go into the hold. Wilson James is a new PRM contractor at LGW this year but it is very good to see they kept the familiar faces. They are caring, friendly and good at their jobs.

Transport & Parking


We don't need to use the parking.



I have used the airport many times and I've never had a situation where I couldn't get in my wheelchair.



All disabilities are covered at the airport it even has Changing Places toilets. Bring your own sling if using Changing Places toilet.



All staff at the airport we come into contact with are friendly, polite and very helpful.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

As a full WCHC needing hoisting in or out of my wheelchair I can highly recommend the airport to any disabled person like me. The airport are always ready to listen and where possible are prepared to make changes for the good.


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