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Glasgow Fort

10 M8, Glasgow, G34 9DL, United Kingdom | 0141 771 7777 | Website


Glasgow Fort


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Glasgow fort is an outdoor shopping complex with a cinema, restaurants and children's play areas. There is a large car park with a lot of access parking close to the front of the stores. The walkway around the complex is all on one level, and stores are at ground level on entering however most of them have at least one floor above. On first looking in the stores it is not always obvious where the lifts are, if any, and the layout of some of the stores has rails very close together. Not all stores have toilet facilities, however all cafes and restaurants do, the doors to some store fronts are not automatic so could be difficult to negotiate. There are many water bowls for dogs positioned around the outside of the stores, and assistance dogs are allowed in stores. The music in certain stores can be very loud, but i find the music in the cafes and eating areas is a lot calmer. There is a wide selection of restaurants to suit dietary needs, and they seem to be very spacious, but do get very busy at lunch and dinner rush hours.

Transport & Parking


The first row of parking all the way around the complex has additional space blocked out on each side, allowing for car doors to be fully opened. Transport to this venue is fairly limited unless you would be driving, there are a few buses that do stop, however the bus stop is in the middle of the car park, so to get to the main pathway you would need to cross traffic.



I went to the venue by myself and I do not require disabled access, so I can't comment how how good the access was. I do feel that it could be made more accessible by signposting lifts and toilets more frequently. Also I find that the non-automatic doors could cause an issue to an individual unable to reach them, or with reduced muscle strength or grip, as they can be quite heavy. I use BSL, though I am not deaf, and to my knowledge I have not seen any BSL print anywhere.



There is only one toilet facility that is not inside a shop or restaurant, and it is located in the middle of the complex, so wouldn't say it is easily accessible to all. Marks and Spencer has accessible toilets with both right and left handed transfer rails and changing facilities in both the male and female toilets.



The members of staff I spoke to were friendly, and asked me about my day.

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