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The Griffin

31 Boar Lane, Leeds, LS1 5DF, United Kingdom | 0113 245 2803 | Website

The Griffin


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The entrance to The Griffin is a pair of double doors, one after the other. These doors are lightweight, and both can be opened for wider wheelchairs. The space between each set of doors is small, but has never caused me any issues. Inside the pub has a level, smooth floor which is easy to traverse. There is one small raised area, and one small area down a set of steps which are inaccessible, but usually obtaining a table on the level area is not a problem as there are many tables. Some of the tables are packed tightly together making them difficult to go between, and the low light reduces visibility so care has to be taken when moving around tables. The bar is high up, with a rail at the bottom which prevents the wheelchair from pulling up as close as possible to the bar. It is best if someone is with you to order on your behalf. The staff are friendly when they bring food over to our table, and have never patronised me. A disabled toilet is available in the pub, although full changing facilities are not included. The Griffin is very close to the train station, several bus stops, car parks, and is on a major route that taxis like to use making it easily accessed via various means of transportation. The pavement is a little uneven in places, but not to a disruptive degree.

Transport & Parking


No dedicated car park, but several disabled parking bays are available in the area. The bus stops are close by, and it is extremely close to the train station.



The bar has no lowered area. One small area is down a flight of steps.



Full changing facilities not included.



Friendly and welcoming.

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