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Headrow House

19 The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 6PU, United Kingdom | 0113 245 9370 | Website

Headrow House


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Headrow House is set back from the Headrow by a few metres, and is reached by going through an arch from the Headrow into a courtyard. The double doors are wide enough to get a wheelchair through, and are not especially heavy to move. Immediately on the right is a small flight of steps, and next to this is the lift providing access to all floors, including the terrace. This lift is big enough to take 1 wheelchair and 1 other person at a time, and is a little slow, but very effective considering the limited space the venue had to work with. All of the rooms have levels access, and disabled toilets are available. Unfortunately, full changing facilities are not available. The staff are all extremely friendly and cooperative, and will go out of their way to help disabled people get around the building safely. There are a few car parks scattered around Leeds city centre with plenty of disabled parking, and there are multiple bus stops very close to the venue. It is less than a mile from the train station. The Headrow is sloped towards the end where Headrow House is, but isn’t so steep as to cause significant issues. The surrounding pavements are well maintained.

Transport & Parking


No dedicated car park, but disabled parking bays are available within a 1 mile radius. There are several nearby bus stops, including the bus station, and the train station is not far too.



The lift was functional, if a little cramped and rickety. Doors were not automated.



I didn't use them during my visit, but they almost certainly lack full changing facilities, and probably had to make the most of a small space.



Friendly and non-discriminatory.

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