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Heartlands has achieved many things when you consider how old and industrious it is. I grew up in the village of Pool and know that it was a working tin mine for more than 300 years. As children we saw the men go over and work the mine. It was part of every day life here. I never thought that in my lifetime it would be anything else. Nowadays as you can see it's a rustic attraction and I make great use of it all year round. All the shops are accessible as is the cafe and the toilets are more than adequate. However if you're in need of a hoist I wouldn't know if they have one or not. But their refreshments are ansum as we Cornish say (this means very good!)

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Don't need to drive there near where I live



Where there are steps there's a ramp also mainly flat all round the complex. Several parking spaces around the complex and a main car park as well. Not sure of the cost for parking as I live in the village.



There are two here an external one and one at the cafe. The external one however even if you have a radar key can't be accessed unless you go to find a member of staff to unlock the extra lock at the top of the door! I have told them that this causes a problem because you cannot simply access it without finding staff to help you. They said that they were afraid it would be vandalised without extra security! So I would recommend using the one at the cafe. Other than this Heartlands is a good place to go. Just make sure you have cash as some of the shops don't have chip and pin machines. Nearest cash point is at Tesco Extra in Pool just up the road.



Helpful friendly and always ready to assist.

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