Hillhead Bookclub Hillhead Bookclub

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Hillhead Bookclub

17 Vinicombe Street, Glasgow, G12 8SJ, United Kingdom | 0141 576 1700 | Website

Great place to meet, enjoy a drink and pretty accessible.


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This is the place to be in Glasgows West End. Nice selection of beers and cocktails, interesting and fun layout and pretty accessible.

Transport & Parking


Got here from the subway - 4 minute walk. Same distance from Botanics.



This place has thought of access well, some areas are inaccessible but the main part of the interior bar and all of the outside is accessible. Plenty space around tables and aisles.



Good sized toilet at the front of the entrance. Well fitted out.



Cheerful and friendly.

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Great place for a nice refreshing drink on a hot summers day!


Exterior. Close up of front. Main bar. Interior. Outside sign. Accessible loo.

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Review is accurate and the restaurant caters well for wheelchair users. on our visit the only downside was the extremely loud music which made any conversation difficult. That was a Sunday evening. would visit again, perhaps foe lunch

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