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Homelands Trust-Fife

Paxton Centre, Lundin Links, KY8 6AT, United Kingdom | 01333 329039 | Website

Beautiful accessible accommodation, perfect for a family gathering.



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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Mobility Scooter


Dad has certain requirements to enable him access his environment and stay comfortable and safe. Level access - he can walk a few steps otherwise uses an attendant propelled chair or a mobility scooter. Homelands has level access and downstairs accommodation and bathrooms. They provided a wheelchair and a mobility scooter both of which suited his needs. Dad is an oxygen user - Homelands are used to this, the oxygen company delivered his oxygen compressor and oxygen cannisters to the venue prior to our arrival and collected them afterwards. Dad uses a closomat type toilet at home - there was one on site that suited his needs. Dad needs a shower seat and level access wet room - provided Dad uses a profiling bed, height adjustable with cot rails - provided with plenty of cushions. Dad uses a riser recline chair - provided. The living area was spacious with room for the wheelchair if needed. The outside space was accessible and afforded a beautiful view of the golf course and coast. We were a multi generational family group and there was lots of space for us and our day visitors to join us. There was enough space that dad did not feel overwhelmed by the children who were excited and loud at times - they played upstairs in the bedrooms or on the landing which itself is a beautiful space. We found that we had everything we needed in terms of cutlery and utensils, we did eat and prepare large family meals. If we felt we needed a particular thing it was just a case of searching and it did turn up - e.g. oven gloves, serving bowls etc. When we were tidying up at the end we realised that there were baby monitors in one of the wardrobes - we could have used them so will remember that next time. The only downside for us is that the venue is situated on a coastal hill in an oldish village. Thus the pavements are not all easy to use a mobility scooter on. Some of the cambers and slopes are quite steep. Dad was able to get up to the little shops area but didn't fancy the road down to the golf course as it was too steep. We enjoyed our stay and have booked two adjoining lodges for February to celebrate dad's 80th birthday. It is only a short drive from my parents family home, but it is far enough away to feel like we are on holiday and the venue makes it perfect for us all to get together without worrying about access.

Transport & Parking


We drove. There was parking close to the house.



The downstairs was accessible and level access. There was no lift in the house we stayed in.



no changing place toilet that i saw but spacious toilets with grab rail and one was a closomat toilet. There was a seat raise but it did not fit on the closomat toilet. There was a second downstairs toilet but it had a sink very close to it so i dont know if the raise seat would have fit on there, my dad would not have been able to get up from that toilet.




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We would highly recommend it. It is a life-saver to have somewhere safe and accessible to go. To be able to book a trip and have it in the diary as something to look forwards to is so important for my parents. Mum was totally overwhelmed as she signed the visitors book. There are few places where my parents can go and enjoy the company of their family in secure knowledge that they are home from home.


Family group. Young and old on the beach. Mobility scooter user off out for a journey. Pressie time at Homelands. Youngest member of our group paddling in the sea at Homelands.

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