Hotel Ibis Glasgow City Centre Hotel Ibis Glasgow City Centre

Hotel Ibis Glasgow City Centre

220 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 4DQ, United Kingdom | 0141 225 6000 | Website

Ibis Hotel near Sauchiehall Street


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Spent two nights in a double room (502) and was pleased with access in hotel and for exploring the city.

Transport & Parking


I was able to get dropped off right outside. Taxis can be called at reception. Nearest buses I’d imagine is two streets over on Sauchiehall Street.



Automatic doors to get in and level access throughout. Reception is also the bar and if you go past this there is the restaurant/breakfast area. I did not eat in the hotel so can’t comment on access there. There are two slim lifts to all floors which fit a powerchair but not much else. The corridors are narrow but I managed to squeeze past in my chair when cleaning carts are out. The lift and hotel door is swipe card activated. I found the door heavy but manageable. My room was quite tight (two single beds) but I could transfer over to the other side of the bed where the bathroom was. If you can’t I’d recommend getting the double room (and then ask for single beds) they can organise this. At the other side of the bed there is a table to sit at and also a open wardrobe area. The hangers were low down which I thought was a great addition to an access room!



I only used the room toilet so cannot comment on any reception/ restaurant ones. There was plenty turning space if you can get your chair past the beds. Toilet was quite high which I liked for transferring. There are two red cords - one at the toilet and another at the shower. The shower has a small pull down bench. Shampoo/conditioner/body wash is bolted to the wall which might be a pain for some to twist and reach. Oh, the best part is the door to the bathroom is a sliding door which made moving around a lot easier too.



Really nice, they went through a PEEP with me when I checked in.


View of bathroom from sitting on bed View of door and space around beds View of desk Shower seat Sink in bathroom Space under bed TV from bed TV and plug infront of bed View of entrance

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