House of Bruar House of Bruar

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House of Bruar

Pitagowan, Pitlochry, PH18 5TW, United Kingdom | 01796 483236 | Website


Shopping and restaurant


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The main reason for our visit was to go to the food hall which is amazing . Access is easy into the food hall and members of the public were happy to hold the doors open for us. It was easy to get round the food hall , despite there being more stands for Christmas displays. We had lunch in the restaurant, which despite emailing them in advance and following their instructions to email back just before our visit. To check on the menu and arrange assistance to carry trays. They didn’t get back to us. My carer had to juggle two trays of hot food till we got to the check out when the girl offered to assist us. Unfortunately all this took a while and by the time we sat down to eat our roasts they were just warm. The choice of food was good but I could have done with knowing what ingredients were used so I could avoid them due to my allergies . We also visited the gift shop and clothing shops some staff were happy to help with the doors and there was a lift to use if you asked to reach the mens country dept. I wanted to try on a cape and someone offered to assist both myself and my carer with this. They have a few disabled parking spaces at the front.

Transport & Parking


The best way to get here is by car, there are a number of disabled parking bays at the front of the complex. No coaches allowed .



There are seats in the clothing areas if you need to rest. Some staff were free to help open doors but otherwise you have to push them open yourself, there is room to get round the shops



There are disabled loos but we didn’t use them



Some staff more helpful than others . But the ones who did help were very nice and couldn’t to do enough to assist us

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Plenty of signs up about mask wearing , tables etc were cleaned as soon as someone left them in the restaurant. There were plenty of hand sanitizer stations

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