Inverness Bus Station Inverness Bus Station

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Inverness Bus Station

Margaret Street, Inverness, IV1 1LT, United Kingdom | 01463 233371 | Website

Proof 'one level' isn't always great.


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Yes, the commercially run cafe (Asher’s) is on the ground-floor, but no way is it easily-accessible, either for wheelchair users or people like me who are visually-impaired. It is merely on the ground floor. And the food isn't exactly top-notch either. Try Cafe Rendevous at the Hight Street end of Church Street (about 400 metres away) if you want a taste of proper Inverness scran The accessible toilet, which is shared with the baby-changing room, is just before the pay barrier for the non-accessible loos, but is not exactly state-of-the-art. And the change machines never work. The signage in respect of asking for assistance at stances 1 - 3 is pointless if the traveller is sight-impaired. Very rarely a despatcher at stance. If you are hoping to board the 919 service from Inverness - Fort William, give yourself a break and avoid the 14.05 as it never runs on time, always has a driver change and shares Stance 2 with 2 other services vying for position. You'll be lucky to leave 15 minutes late.

Transport & Parking


There are at least 3 Blue Badge spaces outside the library which is about 50 metres from the bus station.



Plenty of seating inside and outside bus station and at stances. Induction loop at ticket desk. No lift as no upper floor. Generally, decent, friendly staff.



Very old-fashioned. Beware if you are not in a chair as you are unfortunately to have an 'invisible' disability as you will most likely be challenges as to why you are using the accessible loo.



Not enough and disinterested at best.

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Not a case of recommending it; it;s a bus station. People pass through it because of economics or because, Fort William - Inverness for example, there is no railway line.

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