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La Cerería

3 Baixada de Sant Miquel, Barcelona, 08002, Spain | +34 933 01 85 10
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Food Lover - Course 5

Vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona

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My favourite restaurant in Barcelona! Well, one of them anyway...This vegetarian restaurant has delicious food and fairly good access for the old gothic quarter.

Transport & Parking

This restaurant is tucked away on one of Barcelona's many narrow streets - so we walked there. There isn't really anywhere to park except perhaps the nearby square where we saw some parked cars. It's also not too far from La Rambla, but really you're looking at a short walk from whichever direction you come from.


It's a small restaurant, and yes the tables are close together, but the furniture is movable which is good. The front door is propped open, and there's a ramp into the restaurant. It's all table service too.


I didn't use these but there was a sign for an accessible toilet. You have to go through a door just off the restaurant.


Lovely people! Very friendly.

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I recommend the Milanesa de Berenjena - it's breaded aubergine with peppers, rice and salad. Loved it.


Photo of the restaurant exterior.

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