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Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market, London, EC3V 1LT, United Kingdom | 020 7332 1523 | Website



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If in London, a nice wee place to see! Leadenhall Market has been there since the 14th Century, and although the majority of the shops there are ones you can find on most high-streets, the building itself is worth having a look at. As well as enjoying it's history and spotting building features of the past, Leadenhalls also been used as the backdrop for several films, so you might recognise bits of it!

Transport & Parking


It's in central London, so not easy to drive to or park at. There is public transport nearby; buses, taxis, underground (Monument, and Bank are the nearest underground stations) but it depends upon your own needs which is most suitable.



Leadenhall does have pavements which are smooth, the kerbs are very low to the road level throughout. The roads (only used for deliveries to the shops, closed to traffic generally) have cobbles. Although the shops have original (old!) shop-fronts, most are shop chains which will be familiar. Entrance to these is generally flat and straight in from the pavement. There were a couple of street stalls - a florists, and shoe-polishers, but it no longer has a market of stalls.



I was not aware of any toilets there.



There were no staff in Leadenhall itself - individual shops have their own staff, but I had no need to speak to them.

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As a tourist it can be a little difficult to find Leadenhall, there are lots of old little lanes and streets near there which can be confusing. It is a nice old building to see, and various walking tours do include it either for its history, or film, status. However, I wouldn't go out of my way to visit there solely for the shops, as you can find the same shops elsewhere.


Leadenhall Market

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