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Leuchie House, North Berwick

North Berwick, North Berwick, EH39 5NT, United Kingdom | 01620 892864 | Website
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Excellent Neuro Respite

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I am a severe paraplegic and am highly dependent on my partner. Respite is very important for both of us. Our respite centre in Surrey closed. The only respite centre for us is Leuchie House and that is our choice. It is not the 8 hour drive but the funding that is our biggest challenge. I have visited Leuchie twice and it is the best. The first time I stayed I relied only on word of mouth as I did not have the time to visit and I was not disappointed. The care is excellent and the staff are out of this world. The carers (non nursing staff) are highly skilled and there is an ethos of excellence throughout all the staff. But for me, those who come into see guests for whatever reason are unique. There is no way I would meet somebody who uses percussion instruments for well being. Guests are treated as individuals and no disablist behaviours whatever. The guests are so friendly and it is very easy to fit in. Beautiful building and a wonderful location. Give Leuchie a go!

Transport & Parking

Ample parking spaces and space. It is a beautiful country house set out in a spacious park.


Loads of rooms and space, Everything is wide and the lobby has automatic doors.


Ground floor disabled bathrooms are very spacious. Bedrooms are very big and the wet rooms which are away from the bedrooms are roomy. This is a country house and not a nursing home. Just feels like home but the home is not a country house!


The staff are excellent and that is all of the staff. Mairi O Keefe who I guess is the CEO of Leuchie takes guest welfare very seriously and that ethos is in the bones of everybody who works at and volunteers for Leuchie. Staff works as a team and put guests first. I would give the staff higher than 5 stars.

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Scotland is very disabled friendly and quite inclusive. You do have a holiday at Leuchie and you do get to visit your choice. You are listened to and how you communicate this choice is not important.

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