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Losehill House Hotel

Lose Hill Lane, Hope Valley, S33 6AF, United Kingdom | 01433 621219 | Website

Disabled Travellers taking in a youth hostel in the Peak district


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Powerchair, Mobility Scooter


A truly delightful days trip around beautiful scenic areas of the Peak district, with a break available at this rather run down, neglected hotel, now a Youth hostel. A long tree filled meadow leads you up to the hostel, sheep happily grazing, under changing autumn colours (photo 1) holds promise of something to come, but that is soon dashed as you spot how run down the property has become, and that’s not due to covid either, it looks as if this property has long ago been ignored. The car park is handy, pot holed, but at least it’s close to reception, which you reach by a sloping pathway (photo 2) pillers in need of care, as first impressions says so much about a place. Old outbuildings also need work to be done (photo 3) although the photo makes it look as all is well. You enter through a not very impressive doorway and into the reception area and small cafe (photo 4) which is not inspiring at all, but at least a decent enough coffee can be bought, which you then carry along past a corridor highlighting details of the peak district (photo 5) and into a drab area which shows nothing else than make you realise how depressing the house has become (photo 6). You then pass on into the old and again drab lounge area, just old furniture, and really in need of upgrading if nothing else (photo 7) and at least you can sit with a view over, nothing, just a few trees without any sparkle (photo 8) This is getting a poor review, as having read how this was once described as a four star hotel, and looking forward to our visit, we were so disappointed by the whole thing, and can fully understand how they now use it as a hostel, it’s not worth more than that. So we were quite ready to drink up quickly and get out of there. A passage by reception leads towards toilets (photo 9) with the disabled being near the end of the passage, which are just basic to say the least (photo 10). You will gather we will not be recommending this hostel.

Transport & Parking


You will only have to park up in areas you wish to take photos of, or in parking areas as you move around, so an easy days outing, and a visit to this hostel will offer a break and use of toilets, while enjoying a drink. The car park is close enough to reception, down a slight slope, but easy enough to manage.



Most of the trip you will be in the car, but when needed, parking areas will be available, but an very old, hardly readable sign shows two spots available in the corner for disabled parking.



Toilets are available at the hostel, very plain, but at least clean.



Not very friendly actually, we feel they be as depressed with the building as we were.


Image of the grass fields outside the venue. Image of the outside of the building. Image of the side of an out building. Image of the cafe counter. Image of walk information on a wall. Image of a fireplace and seats in front of it. Image of an indoor sitting area. Another image of an indoor sitting area. Image of hotel bedroom door. Image of an accessible toilet.

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