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Munro House

Duke Street, Leeds, LS9 8AG, United Kingdom | 0113 234 5551 | Website

Munro House


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The doors into the building are manual, but relatively light-weight and wide enough to move through easily. On the right is a small platform lift to carry wheelchairs up a flight of approximately five steps. This lift is very small and extremely awkward to get on and off as there is no room between the doors and the lift for manoeuvring. Sometimes the lift is locked and someone will have to attract the attention of security guard, so wheelchair users should consider having someone with them. The staff are friendly and willing to help. Once into the main area of the building, the accessibility is exceptional. There are smooth floors, tables of the right height, and open areas to move around, as well as proper lift for the rest of the building. Disabled toilets are available, although I believe full changing facilities are not. ODI is on a main road going around Leeds city centre, and is very close to the bus station and several bus stops. It is less than a mile from the train station, and there are a few car parks scattered around the area with disabled parking spaces available.

Transport & Parking


No dedicated car park but disabled bays are nearby. Near the bus and train station, and several bus stops.



The initial platform lift into the building is incredibly difficult to negotiate, and I would recommend that even the most confident wheelchair users have someone help them with it. Other than that, the rest of the access is excellent.



Spacious and clean, but no full changing station.



Mostly friendly and approachable. The security guard seemed a little non-plussed at having to fetch the key to activate the platform lift in the entrance.

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