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Museu Picasso

15-23 Carrer Montcada, Barcelona, 08003, Spain | +34 932 56 30 00 | Website


Food Lover - Course 5

Amazing collection of Picasso's work


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Loved visiting Museu Picasso! Was interesting to see Picasso's early work, and some of his more unusual styles including ceramics. Got to see the Las Meninas series. Access was overall very good, although the museum is at times uncomfortably busy - especially at the beginning and in the shop.

Transport & Parking


As a visitor to Barcelona, I'm unfamiliar with the transport and parking for this museum. I do know the museum doesn't have its own car park. We got the Metro to Jaume 1 and then walked. I didn't see a lift at Jaume 1, but other nearby stations include Liceu and Arc de Triomf which do have lifts. The distance to walk is considerable however compared to Jaume 1. Walking through Barcelona is generally very accessible with nice dropped kerbs, smooth pavements and good pedestrian crossings. The Metro network is excellent,



Great access throughout the museum! The galleries are nice and wide, brightly lit and have gently sloping ramps between different areas. It can get very crowded - although I did visit at a weekend. Information panels were not placed too high up which was good - and information is displayed in various languages including English. Lots of people were using audio guides. The shop was cramped - this was difficult to move through and got very warm.



Lots of toilets which was great - we didn't have to queue once which was surprising given the number of people visiting. The toilets are well sign-posted and clean. The accessible toilet I saw was big, but the bin could be moved to not be in the way of the grab rail. I'm not sure how emergency alarms work in Barcelona.



Helpful and friendly, happy to point in the right direction.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

I recommend booking your tickets online before you visit - we got straight into the museum and didn't have to wait at all. Just showed our tickets on my phone.


Photo of the entrance courtyard. Photo of the accessible toilet.

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