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Not half as good as the sister venue at Docklands


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Spent about 3 hours to cover two main floors. Nice and wide spaces, ramped throughout. Downstairs toilet was very small and the cafe is on the expensive side for sandwiches/salads. Some displays were only viewable from a standing or leaning over height and some had clear floor to waist glass panels which are barely visible and easy to drive into. Not the best designs for access or safety. Not a museum I'd go back to.

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We used trains and buses to right outside the museum ( accessed by lift then a walk on a raised pathway to the entrance).



Easy access around exhibits but some required you to view information or items by leaning over a plinth and looking down into a 'box' area. I couldn't see any of these. The light is variable and there are many areas that used ramped access for all guests. Some tactile exhibits and film areas (some used sound only). I probably saw 90% of it ok. Navigation is often confusing and the map not helpful. No resting seats along the way. Be aware of clear glass floor to waist height barriers in the Victorian street area. I nearly ran into one as it was so clear and the area was low level lighting.



Only used the downstairs one. Small with a bin taking up all of the transfer space. Entrance and exit was a bit tricky with little turning space. All support rails were present, No key needed. Very noisy inside.



No real interaction.

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The museum is free. There is a toilet on the two main floors.


Floor space.

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