Nisa Local and Post Office Nisa Local and Post Office

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Nisa Local and Post Office

Units 22 - 23, Coatbridge, ML5 3AB, United Kingdom | 01724 282 028 | Website


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Nisa Local and Post Office



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The store is located on the pedestrian area of Coatbridge Main St and is one of the units that make up the Quadrant Shopping Centre. There is an automatic door in to the store and the post office section is to the rear of the shop on the left hand side as you go in.

Transport & Parking


The nearest parking is at the rear of the Quadrant Centre from there you need to go in the rear doors of the centre and take the lift that is located in the corner at the top of the escalators down to the ground floor as you exit the lift turn right at the café area turn right and you will see the main doors. Once out turn left and follow the ramped area down to the Main St turn left and the store is just along the street.



As you go in the door you enter in to the NISA area of the store the aisle that was facing the door at two display stands in the middle of the aisle about 20 feet apart. This does not leave much room. There were also items being displayed at the end of some of the aisles including the one to access the Post Office Counter. There is a large post box at the start of the Post Office once you pass this it is set out to allow people to queue up at busy periods



No Toilets available



The staff at the post office and in the NISA Local were all very friendly

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The Post Office counter provides all the services you expect from a Main Post Office. The NISA Local is part of the national chain of stores by the same name.

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