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Macklemore Gemini Tour at O2 Academy


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I had a fantastic night at the Macklemore concert at O2 Academy in Glasgow. This was the first time I'd been here and I had heard mixed reviews about its wheelchair accessibility but it was great from the minute I made myself known to security to the minute they helped me to leave; I couldn't have felt more welcome. The highlight was feeling safe while still in the middle of the action and not being split up from my friends and family! The staff were lovely and the concert was UNBELIEVABLE!!!! and even better than in the SECC a couple of years before.

Transport & Parking


Sadly, there was no disabled parking available so we had to park on the street in a precarious postion, it wasn't even really a parking space.



Staff took us through a side entrance; there is a manageable ramp and staff are really helpful. We were then taken to reserved places and seating at the edge of the bar. This floor is raised so there is a great view and you really feel part of the experience. Staff tell you where they are if you should need them and take you back out again at the end (thank you Amy!)



The toilet was pointed out to me and they said I might need to get the key from one of the staff. I actually didn't go there but I promise that next time I will....



They were all very helpful and Amy was assigned to look after us. She told me where she would be standing if I needed her but I could see that I could have caught the attention of security upstairs too if I had needed it.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

AMAZING!!! even Macklemore said 'WHAT AN ******* CROWD! The supports were also brilliant too and I would definitely come back to this venue. Not having to worry about access issues and the staff being so nice really added to the whole night.


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