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HMS Pinafore

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Sensory Friendly

Cheekily defying the social and naval hierarchy, HMS Pinafore is both a tangled tale of love and a flagship of the G&S fleet. 


Our Discovery Matinees welcome people who want to try opera out for the first time in a Relaxed environment, and those who love opera but find the normal theatre-going experience inaccessible. Every Discovery Matinee will be adapted to suit people who find it difficult to follow the usual conventions of theatre behaviour, and those who prefer a more relaxed environment.

Ticket prices are reduced for the Discovery Matinees with prices ranging from £10–50, with half price access tickets available for disabled people and a companion or carer.

Discovery Matinees will also be audio-described for blind and partially-sighted audiences, with additional commentary explaining the action on stage, including singers’ body language, expressions and movements.

We hope a 2pm start to each Discovery Matinee will allow families to fall in love with opera together.

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