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Oxfam Bookshop

34 Strutton Ground, London, SW1P 2HR, United Kingdom | 020 7 2333908 | Website


Not accessible for wheelchair users - zero stars


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There is a big step up into the shop. The shop has no ramp or other provision for giving wheelchair users access. I was unable to get into the shop. Zero stars.

Transport & Parking


Westminster Station is nearby and is fully step-free. Several bus routes serve nearby Victoria Street.



There is a big step up into the shop. There is a big rectangular silvery doorbell which you are invited to press for assistance. I pressed it several times. No one in the shop heard it, or it was ignored. After a long fruitless wait I called "hallo!" into the shop. One of the staff came to speak to me. My assumption that the offer of assistance included provision of a ramp turned out to be wrong. They do not have a ramp. I was not able to get into the shop. Zero stars.



I did not get into the shop so I don't know whether there's a toilet.



The one member of staff I spoke to was friendly, but he came up with a great number of fatuous excuses for the lack of a ramp, none of them remotely convincing or realistic. For this, for the failed doorbell, and for the shop's complete failure to provide access to wheelchair users, only one star.

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This could be a five-star review if the shop did one simple thing: acquiring a cheap, easy-to-deploy, foldable aluminium wheelchair ramp. There is no possible excuse for failing to make such a ramp available.

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