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Paultons Park, Home of Peppa Pig World

Ower, Romsey, SO51 6AL, United Kingdom | 02380 814442 | Website


Very accessible!


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Assistance Dog, Wheelchair


This park is very accessible for a wheelchair user. It is free to get in so I only had to pay for my daughter, who could go on all the rides on her own as she is now 8 and I don,t have the lower body strength for most of them. The staff are very friendly, as were a lot of the other visitors who offered to take my daughter on with them. We queued mainly at the exits which made life a lot easier. The restaurant was really spacious, not crammed as full as possible with tables so despite there being a lot of abandoned prams around I could still get around. Lots of accessible toilets around and a lot of the rides like the carousel and the train had a ramp so I could stay in my chair. Other rides you had to transfer for, I did one, never again, it wasn't so much the manoeuvring as the ride!! The staff are very friendly, very respectful, not overbearing, helped as much or as little as we wanted, we have had a brilliant day out and not be able to do that for ages now that I am in a wheelchair. Word of warning, assistance dogs are welcomed but you have to have a member of the party to hold them if you go on the ride, this basically means you have to buy a ticket for someone to come in and hold the dog as carers are not discounted. We left mine at home!

Transport & Parking


Lots and lots of parking right by the entrance, although some has a pavement to get up onto so pick your space wisely!



Many of the rides aren't accessible for a wheelchair unless you have a level of mobility but around the park is wonderful.



Fabulous, clean, well signposted, roomy toilets.



The staff are friendly without being overbearing, willing to help with my chair or getting my daughter on and off rides if I wasn,t able to accompany her, cafe staff offered to carry trays to the table for us. Really good service all round. The entrance staff were very helpful with info for us as first time users of the park with a wheelchair.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

It is a lovely place to visit as a parent with an older child who can go on rides alone, and it was also out of school holidays so the park was almost empty, next week in half term I think we may have struggled more with the hustle of crowds but that's just me not liking being crowded.when my daughter was younger I think we may have struggled to find things I was able to go on and it would have been an expensive day to look at things. One other thing, watch the price of drinks, at one end they change much more that the other it seems. Had an awful hot chocolate for £2.60 at the train station, but the one in the main restaurant was lovely and the kiosks in between were charging £1.95 and they are all the same size!! That's a mummy thing, nothing to do with accessibility!

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