Pigneto Vegetable Market Pigneto Vegetable Market

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Pigneto Vegetable Market

Pigneto Vegetable Market, Rome, 00176 Roma, Italy


Food Lover - Course 5

Vibrant market in Rome's backstreets


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Pigneto is a local Roman neighbourhood that is yet to be discovered by the crowds of tourists. This is because the Metro line C which will eventually connect it to the city centre is yet to be completed. If you can find the time to make it out to Pigneto, you'll be treated to this colourful market full of Lazio's best produce with Pigneto's signature graffiti and mural backdrops. The best part is, there's barely a cobblestone in sight!

Transport & Parking


While the Metro is still to be completed, you can hop on Pigneto's fantastically accessible modern station to a connecting station closer to town. Alternatively, there are numerous bus stops and tram stops around the area.



Wide open pedestrianised area with flagstone paving (not a cobble to be seen) leads you to Pigneto's quiet vegetable market. Large shaded stalls with tables and displays at a low height are enticing. While you're there, see how many artistic murals you can spot in this gem of a neighbourhood.



I didn't see any public toilets, but there are plenty of restaurants, bars and even hotels around this main street which have facilities.



I didn't speak to any of the vendors personally, but they all seemed very approachable and laid back.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

This is a great place worth checking out. Rome is renowned for its food, but if you're staying somewhere with a kitchen it might be fun to cook your own meal one night with Lazio's delicious ingredients!


Photo of the market and smooth paving. Photo of a wall mural. Pigneto street art.

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