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Prince Charles Cinema

7 Leicester Place, London, WC2H 7BY, United Kingdom | 020 7494 3654 | Website



Prince Charles now has an accessible toilet downstairs


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The Prince Charles Cinema, just off Leicester Square, is an independent cinema with 2 screens. They show a wide variety of films, including recent releases, classic films and sing-a-long films. The cinema limited step free access but if you have a mobility impairment and can manage some stairs, this is a possibility for you.

Transport & Parking


The nearest tube stations Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus do not have step free access. However, there are a number of buses that go along Shaftsbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road, which stop a couple of minutes from the cinema.



At the front of the cinema there are 2 of 3 steps without a handrail into the cinema. There is also a permanent ramp on the left hand side. When I arrived the entrance to the cinema from the ramp was cordoned off. So I had to move the cordon to get through. When I came out, people were queuing along the ramp to get into the cinema, which meant I had to use the steps to exit. The foyer on the ground floor, where the box office is, is the only part of the building that is step free. The larger of the 2 screens is a staircase with handrails on both sides with 20 steps. In the foyer in front of the entrance to the screen is a bar and toilets, including accessible toilet. On entering the screen there is a ramp on the left hand side and 2 or 3 steps without any handrail on the right hand side. The auditorium is step free with a gradual slope down towards the screen. This is the screen I visited. The website says that the upper screen from ground level is up 20 steps, again there is a staircase with handrails on both sides. There are steps between the rows.



The accessible toilet is located in the basement and from street level can only be accessed by 20 steps. The accessible toilet is to the right of the bar. There is a manual door and you need a RADAR key. I used my own. The toilet is spacious and clean. However, there is only one grab rail on the left hand side (if you are facing the toilet). There is an emergency cord which reaches towards the ground. The accessible toilet is new and a huge improvement. Previously I have been put off going as I worry what I will do when I need an accessible toilet. However, while the toilet itself is accessible, as there is no accessible, step free route to the toilet, and the single grab rail at the toilet instead of both sides is the reason why I marked it down.



The only contact with staff was the person checking my ticket. She was polite and helpful and told me where my seat was located.

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The accessibility page on their website does not let people known there is an accessible toilet. Please PCC update your website. I very nearly didn't book to see the film today, as I was anxious about what I was going to do if I needed the toilet during the visit. Now I know there is an accessible toilet, I will feel much more confident about going and will go there more often. I am delighted about the accessible toilet, but future projects will enable the cinema to become step free so even more people can enjoy it.


Image of the Prince Charles Cinema, London Image of an accessible toilet door. Image of an accessible toilet interior

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Thank you so much for this review and feedback. We have now updated the ACCESSIBILITY section of our website to include the accessible toilet as you suggested. All the best - Alex @ Prince Charles Cinema

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