Purrple Cat Cafe Purrple Cat Cafe

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Purrple Cat Cafe

2 Trongate, Glasgow, G1 5ES, United Kingdom | 0141 552 6429 | Website
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The Purple Cat Cafe Glasgow


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I visited the café with a friend and overall had a really great, memorable time! There is level access at the main door, throughout the café area and into the toilet. There is a wide path running through the middle of the café with access to chairs / sofas at various heights around tables / coffee tables. The café itself is fairly quiet and peaceful with some music in the background. The menu had vegan-friendly options. We only booked for a one-hour session but may consider a double-session next time as it went by so quickly. The cats seem to be very relaxed around customers and appear well looked-after.

Transport & Parking


We walked from Central Station for around 15 minutes to get there. There was a lot of uneven surfaces on the way there although the payment around the entrance was clear and flat.



The building is positioned on a corner therefore the entrance is not immediately obvious when coming from the direction of Argyle St and the sign could be a little larger (you can't see it from a distance) however you know you are in the right place as it has a picture of a purple cat sipping tea on it! There are no steps in / around the premises. There is seating at the entrance and in the café itself. The menu font could have been clearer / slightly bigger but staff are happy to answer any questions about it.



I could not see any signs for the toilet however staff point it out when you first arrive. There is one toilet with flat access and a wide door. The whole establishment appears to be very clean and tidy.



They are very friendly, attentive and eager to introduce you to the cats! They will go over a few ground rules when you first arrive. The food was served faster than in any café I'd been to before.

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There are hand-gel bottles located throughout the premises, one at the entrance and one on each table. Masks are worn by all staff and customers (except when they are eating). All customers were well spaced apart although they would occasionally wander around to pet the cats (whilst wearing masks). 100% would visit again.

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