River Almond Walkway River Almond Walkway

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River Almond Walkway

Cramond Glebe, Edinburgh, EH4 6JN, United Kingdom | 0131 529 2401 | Website


Food Lover - Course 5

Gorgeous autumn walk


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River Almond Walkway is the perfect kind of walk to dip in and out of as there are plenty of places to park and sit to just take in the scenery. We probably only walked half a kilometre, but the falls were so pretty we were happy to just sit and take it in! Access is variable, as there are some steep steps along the walkway.

Transport & Parking


We used two car parks when we visited. One near Crammond Island, and one close to the ruins and falls along the River Almond. These are well sign-posted car parks, and there have always been lots of spaces when I've visited. I believe the 41 bus goes out here as well.



The best thing was a large map indicating with a key which tracks and routes were wheelchair accessible, had steps, could be muddy or were steep. If you follow the guidance on this map, you'll be in for an enjoyable walk! Some of the ground was a little muddy in places, but the paths were wide enough that we could avoid it where we were. Loved that there were lots of benches to sit and watch the river go by.



These were identified on the map, but I didn't use any.



Did not encounter any.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

It's a lovely part of the coast to explore, and a nice escape from the city!


Photo of Almond River in autumn. Photo of boats where the river meets the coast. Map key.

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