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Simpsons Garden Centre

Simpsons Garden Centre, Inverness, IV2 5BA, United Kingdom | 01463 250 200 | Website



Coffee shop



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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair, Powerchair, Mobility Scooter


Very wheelchair accessible coffee shop! I visited Simpsons garden centre coffee shop at about 10 in the morning so it was understandably busy for that time. A lot of the tabes was already taken but I managed to find a table at the back of the coffee shop, a member of staff then came and helped move a chair for me so I could take my mobility scooter closer to the table. A great selection of biscuits is available - including a blueberry and lemon sponge (my favourite).

Transport & Parking


We drove to the coffee shop and it was relatively easy to get to. There were 15 disabled car parking spaces and evrey single car parking space had the proper room to get my mobility scooter out of the car so I was very pleased.



You enter the garden centre by going through a automatic door and then it is smooth flooring all the way to the coffee shop, there are a few signs to tell you where the coffee shop is. Access within the coffee shop is pretty good and convenient, however I would say that the tables were tightly squeezed together so there isn't much room for manoeuvre, I would also say the serving counter was a bit high and some of those in wheelchairs may struggle to get served.



The toilets are outside of the coffee shop. When you enter the garden centre, there is signs telling you where the disabled toilets are, once inside the toilet I felt that it had everything that I needed.



When we entered the coffee shop and I went to find us a table, I was about to transfer myself onto a chair but a member of staff moved the chair so I could take my scooter nearer the table.


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