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Temple of Boom

Byron Street Mills, Leeds, LS2 7QG, United Kingdom

Temple of Boom


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The main entrance to Temple of Boom has a step in the door, so wheelchair access is via the entrance used for vehicles. This entrance is a large archway, with double gates shutting it off from the public. The door through this gate has a step in it, but remains open so that someone can step through and open for me (if a member of staff hasn’t got to it first, which is unusual). The pavement outside Temple of Boom is poorly maintained, with potholes and uneven kerbs, but this pavement is not owned by Temple of Boom. Once through the gate, there is a short slope into the main courtyard. On the right is the bar and toilets. There is a concrete ramp into this building, and double doors plenty wide enough to allow a wheelchair through. An accessible toilet is available, complete with grab rails and emergency cords, but full changing facilities are unfortunately not included. The key to this toilet can be obtained from members of staff, who are all very friendly and accommodating. On the left is the room where events (concerts, wrestling shows etc.) takes place. There are two entrances; one has a small lip down into a narrow corridor which is surpass-able in a wheelchair, but if preferred the goods entrance is more accessible, with level access and a wider doorway. Food can be purchased from a bar in this room. There are several nearby carparks with disabled parking spaces, and quite a few bus stops available in the area for travel.

Transport & Parking


There is a nearby car park with limited disabled parking spaces available, but there are also a myriad of bus stops very close by.





Smallish and lacking in full changing facilities.



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