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The Art School

20 Scott Street, Glasgow, G3 6PE, United Kingdom | Website

Accessibility at the Venue for gig


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The venue, is really cool, nice bar stocked well with a good selection of beers. Very art school kind of hip. The gig venue is upstairs, I asked if there was a lift and an accessible toilet. The staff was very friendly, the lift had been switched off but they got somebody to come and to turn it back on, and they left it on for the reminder of the night. The accessible toilet was down in the basement, though easy access to the lift was required. The venue upstairs was extremely dark and it was hard to move around, as the gig was sold out. The gig and the atmosphere was amazing, I felt it could be a little more accessible, but the staff were very friendly.

Transport & Parking


I walked about ten minutes from the bus station, not sure about parking. I know getting the bus there can be a bit awkward



Lots of steps, was dark in the venue, the lift was switched on, but there was seats around the venue, if you came early enough



Accessible toilet down in basement, unfortunately I never went



Friendly and where happy to be asked questions about the venue

Anything else you wish to tell us?

I would love the venue to be a little bit more accessible


Steve Mason rocked the venue :)

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