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This is an enjoyable day out for all ages, although I suspect it could be very crowded at weekends and school holidays. I would therefore try and go mid week especially if you are in a wheelchair. You lift to the top then the exhibits are a gentle slope down. Everything was accessible except for a dome into one of the tanks that you had to go up a ladder. There is a lift that runs up the side of the main tank so you can still get the feeling of being in the tank with out peeping through the dome. It is informative but also fun. We watched divers doing maintenance in the main tank and then watched the penguins being feed - so funny to watch. The staff were so helpful. The coffee shop by the penguins had just closed but we were after a quick drink before the penquins being feed. So I didn't have to wheel all the way up to the main cafe staff accompanied my other party members to go and pick up some drinks to bring down. This was so kind and it was at there suggestion.

Transport & Parking


I don't know about transport but there where quite a few disabled parking bays which were wider than the normal parking spaces. Parking with a disabled badge was free.



There was a disabled entrance with a wide automatic door. Lifts take you to the top then there is a gentle slope down. At one level there is a small platform lift, which is also for pushchairs. This was fine on my visit as there was no wait but it could be frustrating during weekends or school holidays. The only inaccessible bit was a dome into one of the tanks that was up a ladder but the glass fronted lift made up for that. In the restaurant cafe on the the top floor there are about four tables that are supposed to be for wheelchairs. They are a little higher than the other tables but the arms on my wheelchair still would not go under. The tables were mainly being used by parents with pushchairs as these tables were the first you came to youreven though there were other empty tables they could have used. I would imagine this could be frtrating at busy times.



What was nice was that there were three disabled toilets each at a different level. One near the entrance, one by picnic area/cafe and one by the restaurant cafe on the top floor.



Staff were so helpful. Nothing was too much trouble. I wanted to see the penguins being fed but had half hour so we thought we would grab a drink. The cafe near the penguins had just closed, the staff however, took the rest of my team a quick back way to the top floor cafe so they could buy a coffee and a cake then allowed them to bring it down to me so we could all drink it together. We may have missed the feeding if we had made are own way plus for me it would have been all up hill. So kind. This suggestion came from them rather than us.

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Would definitely go again but would go in the week if I could.

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