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The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

51/A Via San Valentino, Merano, 39012, Italy | +390473255600 | Website


Blooming marvellous!


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An oasis of colourful calm amid the usual bustle of a Tyrolean town. The mountains make a beautiful backdrop to these lovely gardens. Even if you're not into horticulture (as indeed I am not), you can't fail to appreciate the shrubs, lakes, nature terraces or indeed the central cafe.

Transport & Parking


There is a bus/car park with disabled spaces although it is a fair treck to the Gardens' entrance. It is inadvisable to arrive by anything other than foot as Merano is a bit out of the way.



Despite steep inclines to the upper terraces - it is well worth it (even just for the views) and there are several & frequent resting places. The paths, although well signposted (in Italian, German & English) are a bit uneven.



They were fine - but there weren't enough of them. (And there was a bit of a scrum to access the one in the cafe.)



The only staff we encountered were on reception, the ubiquitous gift shop and of course the cafe. But they were all friendly and helpful with good English.

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These Gardens were a favourite of Queen Marie-Therese, who bestowed Royal Patronage. since then, the Gardens have grown ten-fold. It would be easy to get lost here (refer to the very excellent guide) or spend the whole day just wandering. Again, I would have liked more time (but with all those hills maybe my PA would have something to say about that!) But this is a must see.

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