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The Gin Palace

42 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, Dublin 1, Ireland | +353 1 847 8881 | Website

The Gin Palace, Dublin


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This bar. I love this bar. I love gin so, of course, a palace erected in its name is going to be special. Other than their amazing selection of gin (they have sloe gin!), they always play great music. Last time I was there for a liquid lunch, we had The National and Divine Comedy playing.

Transport & Parking


There is wheelchair parking on Strand Street and on Bachelors Walk



All of the tables have moveable chairs. The doors are a little tight here but they do fit a wheelchair. I needed someone to keep the door open for me so I could get in. There are no steps in and out of The Gin Palace on the Abbey St. side but there is one step in the Lower Liffey St. side. Everything you need is on the ground floor but there is a flight of stairs up to the other toilets.



We have one wheelchair bathroom here tucked away under the stairs and I had no problems with getting in and out of it.



Really helpful, super sound and table service is frequent here.

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The busier this place gets (it gets pretty busy), the harder it is to get around as bodies, stools, chairs and tables take up a lot of the walking room. I find if you sit at the back, you will have decent access to the bar and the bathroom.

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