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The Historic Dockyard

Church Lane, Chatham, ME4 4TE, United Kingdom | 01634 823800 | Website


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Fantastic, mostly accessible day out


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We visited here on Good Friday and wondered whether it would be too busy, being a bank holiday. It was fine though. The whole place is well spaced out, organised and they have made a really good effort to make as much as possible accessible for all.

Transport & Parking


We arrived by motorhome and parked in a large bay on the left as you drive into the docks area (before the main car park). There is loads of parking and even on a bank holiday, it was nowhere near capacity. There are paths to walk around to the entrance. On this occasion, I didn't specifically look for accessible parking but I think they are right outside the entrance.



Almost everything is wheelchair accessible. Most of the ships have ramps which I could use independently. The ropery experience was accessible and they have a lift to get you upto the first section and then a ramp out later. The only thing that is totally inaccessible is the submarine but the rest of the family did that and said they wouldn't be able to adapt it no matter how hard they tried! Just one warning - there are tram tracks in many areas. If you're not used to them, watch your front casters. Cross at right-angles to the tracks. I enjoyed the lifeboat exhibition. Good ramps to access all parts. Signage was at a level that I could easily read. It was quite hot the day we visited and there is a good mix of indoor and outdoor exhibits, which helped me and my dog manage our temperature.



Toilets all over the site and a good number of accessible ones. All clean, well sized and equipped.



The staff were all friendly and helpful. My only negative is one male member of staff who we encountered several times. He was very friendly but made lots of assumptions. Suggested that 'one of the men [in our party] should push me up the ramps' and several times warned me to pace myself because it's a big place and I would get tired. He needs to realise that wheelchair users are not necessarily weak and helpless! Everyone was great with my assistance dog. She got lots of fuss (which she loves) but they all asked first and were respectful.


Lifeboat in foreground but behind is a ramp, showing good access. HMS Gannet with ramp to access it. Lovely large area around the ship. My assistance dog, Liggy, paying close attention to the rope making demo.

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