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The Honest Lawyer Hotel

Croxdale Bridge, Durham, DH1 3SP, United Kingdom | 0191 378 3780 | Website


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Generally good accessible room, not bad hotel


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Although not perfect (needed more handrails in shower, front door of hotel very tricky in wheelchair etc), this was a good place to stay. It was reasonably priced, had good food and allowed me to take my dog (dogs allowed in rooms, bar but not restaurant). Accessible room nearest to road and quite noisy so not so good for light sleepers ( or take earplugs!).

Transport & Parking


There were two disabled parking spots outside rooms one and two. However one spot was on a slope so very difficult for me to walk on or get out of the car. The second spot, if occupied, meant you couldn't wheel to the bottom of the access ramp - instead we had to divert til we found a big enough gap to fit the wheelchair through. Not a great inconvenience but would have been a nuisance for someone walking with a walking aid.



The room was accessed by ramp - see other comments on parking. Within the room, walking an,d wheeling were difficult due to the carpet - there was a lot of friction making wheeling tricky. If in socks my feet snagged regularly and care was needed not to stumble and fall. Access to the main building (the rooms are outside, across the car park, bar and restaurant in main hotel) is via ramped entrances front and rear. Rear entrance is a gentle ramp from the car park but two sets of heavy double doors. Once inside, no steps and lovely smooth floors, with good turning space. Front entrance is tricky - double doors open onto the steps leaving little room for a wheelchair to turn for the ramp.



Lovely accessible loo in main bar. Centrally located. Sign on door. Well equipped, roomy and clean. Loo in room could have done with lower grab rails (shoulder height when sitting - would have been better slightly lower). There were no rails by the basin. The shower had just one horizontal bar so getting in and out was tricky. The floor was tiled in the loo (non slip flooring in shower alone) which gathered condensation after shower was run, becoming very slippery. There were two moveable shower seats/stool, it was good to have the extra one to hold onto.



Staff by were courteous but didn't make any particular efforts to assist.


Picture of The Honest Lawyer Hotel - Bathroom Picture of The Honest Lawyer Hotel - Bathroom

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