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Surprisingly bad floor for a modern buiding


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Great show and very helpful staff although the wheelchair spot I was given was right off to the left hand side of the theatre which rather spoiled my view - thankfully I was able to angle my chair slightly which helped but my companion who was in one of their seats could not do this.

Transport & Parking


It's not very easy to get there on public transport from where I live (even though it's not far!) so I took a taxi which was able to stop very close to the entrance.



I could not read a lot of the signage inside the building as the signs were too high up and I had to crane my neck to try and read them - not easy in a glass building when the sun is setting either! I ended up having to ask to find the toilets. The floor in the main entry area is full of surprisingly steep slopes which make it hard work in a manual chair especially if you need to stop on the slope to queue for something there's a lot of braking and faffing. The slope down the toilets is especially hard to climb back up again as it is on thickly piled carpet, I had to ask for help here.



Very large and clean but there was a bin in the transfer space (hence I knocked a star off). Doesn't have a RADAR lock. They appeared to have one in the gents and one in the ladies.



Very helpful and friendly.

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Really wasn't impressed by the sloping of the floors, I have a power assisted manual wheelchair and struggled so I dread to think how others might cope if they are not very strong pushers. I recommend taking a helper, I believe carers can get a free ticket when you book.

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