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The Mill At Sonning

The Mill at Sonning, Reading, RG4 6TY, United Kingdom | 0118 969 8000 | Website

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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Hearing Aid, Walking Aid, Sign Language, Wheelchair, Powerchair, Mobility Scooter, Hidden Impairment, Autism, Dementia, Learning Disability


I went to see the play ‘It’s Her Turn Now’, due to the nature of this particular show, the set plays a role in the storyline more so than normal. I mention this as one particular aspect of the set (the window) often slams shut, it was obvious to me as an audience member when this might happen at some points (e.g every time someone is kneeling on the balcony leaning through the window) however, at other points it happened without warning. The slam was manageable for me in terms of volume, however it did make me jump every time. Due to the tickets being packaged (if you’re going to a show you’re also going to eat), there were options for vegetarians, vegans, etc and they were also allergy-conscious. Although their kitchen is not allergen-free, they do their best to avoid cross-contamination. The food is provided as a self-service system, however, there are staff available should you need to ask for assistance in this task. Due to the age of the building, the floor has become slightly uneven and warped, you may need to watch your step, or have someone help you if you struggle to navigate uneven floors. It also had low ceilings. The layout of the seating allowed for a more spacious atmosphere, it didn’t feel crowded or squashed.

Transport & Parking


There is a large car park, without marked bays (with the exception of a singular marked disabled bay). This parking is free, you just need to input your licence plate at the box office. The car park's ground consists of tiny stones as opposed to tarmac/concrete. This didn't affect driving, however, it would have been difficult for me to manage had I been in my wheelchair.



There is step-free access to the bar and the restaurant in and a stair lift to the back row of the auditorium The rake in the auditorium was amazing. A lift is due to be installed once finances improve following the losses from covid. The seats are comfortable/padded, however the backs of the seats don’t go very far up, meaning they do not have adequate back support for those who many need it. The leg room was comfortable, more leg room than other theatre’s I’ve been to. However as a 5’ person, I am unable to gauge how this might be for someone much taller.



I didn’t use the bathroom this visit, however, from my recollection, I was informed of accessible bathrooms existing on both floors of the venue.



I had the opportunity to speak to the owner and artistic director who was absolutely lovely, her name is Sally Hughes, and she was more than willing to discuss the theatre with me. Due to a medical episode I was unable to leave immediately after the show ended, the staff were sweet and understanding, providing me with water and an alternative exit route.

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There is hand sanitiser available throughout the venue.

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