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The Wildebeest

86 Norwich Road, Stoke Holy Cross, NR14 8QJ, United Kingdom | 01508492497 | Website


Fabulous food, staff and good access


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Powerchair


Great restaurant with exceptional food, staff and good access

Transport & Parking


The restaurant has a reasonable sized car park. There are no designated disabled parking bays.



The front door is quite narrow and has a small step up - I was unsure about getting my powered chair in through this access so was offered the rear access. This is wider and level access. However I'm sure a person using a manual chair who can do a bit of a hp would be able to get up the step - its only about 2 inches high. The venue was well lit. There were ceiling fans but no air conditioning (was a very hot day). There was plenty of space around the tables, so it was easy for me to navigate the main seating area- even when it got busier. The floor was smooth flagstones - easy to roll on. I need dairy and gluten free food and whilst they don't have a specific menu for these the chef was willing to take any dish off the usual menu and adapt it for my needs - in a delicious manner.



The accessible loo was well signposted. Its a reasonable size. It has good grab rails around the loo and sink. It has an alarm cord. Although there is a baby changing table its drop down so it doesn't take up too much space and was quite light to push up against the wall. The door was reasonably light to open (but does have a door closer). The lock was a good sized lever. To get into the loo the handle was quite small. I recommended another grab rail to make opening the door easier to the staff - I hope they put one on.



The staff were friendly and helpful. They made sure I could get in fine and were very happy to adapt the menu for my dietary needs. They were attentive but not overwhelming.

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Although the menu isn't cheap you can really see what you are paying for. My husband rarely enjoys going to restaurants because he feel he could cook something better at home (he is a very good cook), and he was hugely impressed. As someone who can't eat dairy and gluten I often look at a menu and find the one or two items I can eat - so usually a very limited choice. Here I was told, choose anything, we'll adapt it and make sure you can eat it. A really liberating experience. Although access was through the back door, I felt that the staff went out of their way to make a birthday meal out a really inclusive and enjoyable experience. Their website is here:

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