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Tissington Trail

Tissington Trail, Ashbourne, DE6 1FD, United Kingdom | Website


Good trail, but some issues


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair, Powerchair, Mobility Scooter


Should be a perfect trail for accessibility but marred by variable surfaces on the part we tried and bikers and some walkers who have never heard of social distancing.

Transport & Parking


Study any good map and the trail is easy to trace from Ashbourne to Buxton with several accessible points, mainly where there used to be stations or where there is a decent car park. Some of the bridge/road points are not accessible. We got on at Hartington Station.



Difficult to score because surfaces vary. Our advice is try it and different points and make up your mind. Good surfaces at southern end near Ashbourne and Tissington, but some rough bits near Hartington which were ok on a power chair but a little uncomfortable on a small scooter.



Only toilets at main visitor sites such as Hartington Station.



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Sadly we found many cyclists and some walkers were incapable of moving to the side even though there are plenty of grass verges. Couples two abreast unable to stop holding hands and as a result passing within a foot of us. It spoiled the experience. If and when Covid disappears this problem will obviously also vanish.


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