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I also visited 2 Temple Place on 10th March. I use 2 walking sticks and am a slow walker. I think my experience was not so positive. I can confirm the steps but sadly I was not offered information on the lift and only saw it at the end of my visit after I had struggled up and down the stairs. The rooms are not too difficult to access but the crowds might mean it was hard to see and some of the displays were high for a wheelchair user. I also think the type face on the boards was a little small to read from a chair. I found the disabled toilet not really large enough, in my opinion, for a wheelchair user and the doors might need help. The hand rail was also loose, a little disconcerting! It was also a bit messy with an overflowing rubbish bin and damp floor, all potential trip hazards. I did not visit the cafe, I found the crowds too much to manage to move around. To visit you can avoid the steps at Temple tube station by using the bus routes and just walking/ rolling a bit further. Overall a beautiful building to see and visit.

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Temple Place is near Temple tube, though this has lots of steps. Bus access is easier but means a bit more walking .



Too many steps really, though I did see internal lift but it is not sign posted when you go in.



Hand rail loose, bin overflowing, wet floor = trip hazards. Door hard to use.



Lots of staff but mainly in the exhibition rooms.

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Really hard to get in in a wheelchair as lots of exterior steps.

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