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Victoria Park

Victoria Park Drive North, Glasgow, G14 9RL, United Kingdom | 0141 959 9087 | Website


Could I be any more excited?


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As a huge Friends fanatIc, I was beyond excited to be going to Friendsfest! And it was everything I hoped it would be. There are three sets there to tour: Monica's apartment, Joey and Chandler's apartment and Ross's apartment. During each tour there are at least 20 people, however the staff ensured that I spent some time, even just for a moment, my own in the set slack you get the full experience too. There are plenty street food trucks to choose from, including Joey's pizza, and a Mocolate van (but rest assured it is not chocolate they used). There is of course the Central Perk set with the clever cordon so that you can enjoy a coffee right next to TVs favourite coffee house. The only part that was tricky for a wheelchair user was a section for having your photo taken – it was a giant replica of the photo frame covering the people on Monica's front door. There is a decent sized step up to this however I am quite fortunate that I have a curb climber on my wheelchair.

Transport & Parking


there is plenty of on street parking surrounding Victoria Park.



there were no access issues to the park and to the event. Every tent had a rampallowing wheelchair user and those with restricted mobility access to sets and all other forms of entertainment.



there are plenty of portaloos, including accessible ones.



the staff are enthusiastic, helpful and friendly.

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As a huge Friends fan this was the best day ever. I had so much fun moving through the sets and having my picture taken and all the iconic places in everyone's apartment. Friendsfest will be at a number of locations in the UK this summer, please check it out!

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