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Whole Foods Market in Soho has a great selection of healthy snacks, drinks and meals that will leave you feeling like you've indulged, but in a wholesome way. Whilst the foods can be slightly overpriced, they are definitely worth the money! If you choose to go for one of the take away meal boxes, there's enough food to sustain you for hours, so whilst they are quite costly, they definitely provide you with plenty of food.

Transport & Parking


This restaurant is in the centre of London, so it's not the easiest place to access in a private vehicle. However, once you get into the restaurant it is extremely easy to access. There is limited parking available near to the venue, so the best transport route would be via taxi (plenty of which can accommodate wheelchairs around London) or via the bus.



Access into the market is extremely easy. It is all on flat ground, and once you're inside the building, there is plenty to space to navigate a wheelchair around. There is also an upstairs level to this restaurant, but I'm unsure if there was a lift which made it wheelchair accessible. If not, it's not a massive issue, as the majority of foods are all situated downstairs.





All very helpful but as the store was quite busy the couldn't dedicate masses of time to each customer. However, all staff were very knowledgeable and food was delivered very quickly.

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The juice station and fresh pizza station are must tries! Both are delicious, but if you're looking for a healthier meal, you should try the salad bar, as it is filled with exciting protein options and delicious salads. The sushi bar is also fantastic - really varied and totally fresh. I'd definitely recommend this place for any meal of the day.

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