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Willows Coffee Shop

163-189 Brook Street, Dundee, DD5 1DJ, United Kingdom | 01382 732525 | Website


Location - Dundee - Expert

Weekend Lunches


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Powerchair


Wheelchair accessible café located on the main high street of Broughty Ferry. Staff are friendly and food is delicious.

Transport & Parking


There are around 4 council car parks dotted around Broughty Ferry where there are plenty of accessible parking spaces and blue badge holders are able to park for free. There is also onstreet parking available and parking available beside Broughty Ferry beach which is around a 10-minute walk away from the main high street. At the other end of the main high street there is a taxi rank, when I regulary walk past I have noticed there are usually at least 2 WAV taxis. Buses that run from Dundee to around Angus stop on the main road beside the main high street. There is a train station in Broughty Ferry however, I’m not sure how frequently trains stop here.



It is level access to enter Willows café and I feel the door is wide enough for a wheelchair to get through however, there is another door to make it a double door but there is a stand infront of it that would need to move. There are 2 seating areas at either side of the counter and both are quite spacious. I would say I would be able to get to most tables even when customers are sitting at others. The table I sat at was at a great height for me my wheelchair, although I noticed another wheelchair user couldn’t get underneath because there knees were too high. Some of the tables had a panel underneath which was the cause of this particular problem. The counter was quite high for wheelchair users I felt, especially because you had to pay at the counter. I tried to take a photo of the counter during my visit, but it was quite busy. The cake counter was visable due to it having a glass panel.



There is an accessible toilet at Willows with baby changing facilities inside. It has a standard lock on it but, isn’t extremely spacious. I feel a wheelchair user would struggle if they needed assistance from someone. The toilet is positioned closer to the far corner of the accessible toilet which means that if someone can only transfer from the right-hand side they may struggle. I think the sink is at a reasonable height for wheelchair users however, I feel the pipes underneath might prevent wheelchair users to get in close enough. The emergency red cord was hanging freely and I attached a red cord. In Broughty Ferry there is a Changing Places toilet down near the beach which is roughly a 10-minute walk away. This facility is open different times of the year depending on what season it is.



I didn’t really interact with many staff members during my visit however, when our orders were taken the waitress spoke to me instead of just myself so I was glad about that. We didn’t have to wait too long for any service and also whilst I was people watching I could tell that staff were very helpful and welcoming.


Image of the outside of Willows café. Image of some tables in Willows. Image of counter from the perspective from my wheelchair. Image showing the accessible toilet.

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Fabulous review Clare! will add it to our list!

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