5 reasons why reviewing on Euan’s Guide is so valuable!

Have you signed up to Euan’s Guide but haven’t written your first review? Do you have a friend who would like to review for us? We’d love for more people to join our growing community of reviewers. You can submit a review in less than 5 minutes and you can write as much or as little as you like!

Here’s why reviewing on Euan’s Guide is so valuable:

1. Share your local knowledge 

Everyone has their favourite cafe or bar in their hometown. Why not share your knowledge with visitors to your town? Travelling can be difficult but having some local knowledge can make a huge difference. Simple tips, such as where is the best place to park, can be invaluable!

2. Give feedback to venues and places you visit

What have they done well and how could they improve their disabled access? Some venues have already told us that they have made changes to their buildings after reading our reviews.

3. Motivate venues to improve

By highlighting venues that have good access it will encourage their competitors to follow their lead to avoid losing customers. It is estimated that disabled people spend £212 billion each year!

4. Knowledge is power!

Imagine if every disabled person in the UK wrote just one review of somewhere with great access, Euan’s Guide would have over 11 million places on our site! Having so many accessible places to choose from, finding somewhere with great disabled access would become easier.

5. Inspire

Sometimes places may look inaccessible from afar but they have some hidden features that make them super accessible!  For example, parts of Edinburgh Castle were built in the 12th century but today it has a mobility vehicle to take visitors around the castle and a 5 star review on Euan’s Guide!

Not sure where to review? We accept reviews of everywhere from corner shops to museums You don’t have to have any qualifications to write a review, we want to hear about your personal experiences! 

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