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Over four hundred people took part in the Covid Concerns and Precautions Survey this summer. We wanted to know what disabled people were worried about as lockdown restrictions were beginning to lift across the UK, with little knowledge of how this lift would directly affect disabled people. 

The results have now been published and can be found in the links below.

You can access the PDF version of the 2020 Covid Survey here

To download the word version, click here

An Easy Read PDF version can be viewed here

Key findings from the survey include 

Top concerns that disabled people have about visiting places as lockdown restrictions lift:

  • People not respecting and honouring social distancing.
  • Not having access to venues’ or public toilets when outside.
  • Having to queue or wait outside venues, especially when weather is bad.

Top requirements that disabled people think would help them return to venues:

  • Having access to sanitising stations that are at an accessible height.
  • Having an accessible route that disabled people can navigate independently.
  • Having clear markings to ensure people social distance. 

What’s next?

Suggestions for individuals

Disabled access reviews on Euan’s Guide provides other disabled people with accurate information on the access of thousands of venues across the UK and beyond. When lockdown restrictions begin to lift, and more people are getting out and about again, we want to make sure you have your say when visiting venues. We also wanted to highlight venues and reviews that have implemented good disabled access alongside Covid Precautions. This is why you can now add ‘Covid Confident’ information to your reviews.  

Click here to read Covid-Confident reviews already on the website

Suggestions for venues

  • Review the findings of this survey and our top ten tips for venues.
  • Ensure your Covid precautions don’t negatively impact on your disabled access.
  • Consider how you can continue to offer services online. This has helped open up places and opportunities that have previously been inaccessible.
  • Share information on your disabled access and your Covid precautions on your website and on Euan’s Guide.

Visit our Top Ten Tips for Venues

We want to thank everyone again who took part in our survey. These views helped us, and venues, understand what is needed to ensure disabled people feel safe and confident when going back to work, shopping, recreational activities and more. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list to be notified about what’s going on in the world of Euan’s Guide.

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