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Written by Claire D'All, Reviewer Engagement & Outreach Coordinator

I really found it difficult to pick a small number of reviews last month as there have been so many great ones, it’s definitely fair to say that everyone has been very busy. Unfortunately, I can’t include them all so here are just a few of my favourite reviews from February.

Holiday Inn Express in Castle Donington

We are always delighted to welcome new reviewers to our community. This month I really enjoyed reading about new reviewer stephenskipper16’s stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Castle Donington. Within their review they have made a good use of images to illustrate what they are describing, I also like the fact that they have told you in their review to phone ahead about the carer room as they didn’t know about it before they visited. It’s always good to read whatever tips you all have regarding your visits.

The Captain Alexander

There are a lot of cities in the UK that I’ve not had a chance to visit yet and it’s always good to see where I could possibly visit when I eventually do. Who doesn’t love a Wetherspoons as well, this one that gachwilson visited in Liverpool sounds great. He says “Wetherspoons have gone the extra mile and installed an external lift from street level” and the toilets were “very clean and spacious inside with automatic tap and powerful hand dryer”.

The Old Boatyard Seafood Restaurant

Living not too far from Arbroath I have thought about visiting The Old Boatyard Seafood Restaurant but, have never really had the chance yet. It’s great to hear Gm’s review on the venue and to find out that there is a council car park around the harbour, adjacent to the restaurant.

Scarsdale Vets

I love seeing different types of venues getting reviewed on our website as our readers could be wanting to visit anywhere and be uncertain on the accessibility. I enjoyed reading ecologisttobe’s review on Scarsdale Vets in Nottingham as it’s someplace that you wouldn’t think to find a review for but, would be very helpful to know about if your pet needs healthcare.

We are delighted to welcome reviewer Joani_S as a new reviewer for February and our Reviewer of the Month. We have been loving reading their first 3 reviews on Revolución de Cuba, The Friendly Farmer and Pipe and Glass. It’s great to find out how they found their visit to each of these venues and it’s fantastic to see their use of images within each review. I think the review that stood out the most to me is The Friendly Farmer as it all looks very spacious and like a nice quiet café where you can enjoy something to eat.

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