Tangled up this Christmas #RedCordCard

Photo of Christmas lights.

Lights aren’t the only thing tangled up this Christmas. All over the country people continue to find emergency red cords in accessible toilets tied up out of reach, and it’s making public toilets unsafe for disabled people.

This summer we launched our ‘Set the Cords Free’ campaign to fix knotted, short or ineffective emergency cords in accessible toilets, and you helped attach thousands of #RedCordCards in loos from all the way to Shetland back down to Cornwall!

We were blown away by your support, but 51% of people who took part in the ‘Let’s Talk Toilets’ survey still said that tied up emergency cords were an issue.


How to help

This winter we’re not asking you to buy our charity Christmas cards, but instead we’d like you to send one last flurry of our favourite kind of card over the UK before the year is out. Free of charge and even a festive (accessible) shade of red, please use a #RedCordCard this Christmas!

Get your Red Cord Cards

Watch our video to see how they work >> 

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