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Secret Life if Bees Show


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Hidden Impairment, Autism


The booking for this show was amazing, as it allowed: - Free tickets for up to 2 essential companions, with varying forms of 'proof'. - A range of contact methods, and really good opening hours including evenings and weekends. - Detailed access information on their easy to navigate website. It even let those with 16-25 memberships to book seats not included in the ‘offers’ if necessary due to access needs - this included dates of the run and areas of the auditorium. Eg. I went on a non 'assisted' day and sat on an aisle seat in the front row. They don't, however, have flexible price bands so people who require a more expensive seat simply because it meets their access needs still to pay more than they may otherwise choose (or be able) to. This is especially important to rectify after the most recent survey: The physical accommodations at this venue were great, and they had all kinds of assisted performances too! Things to mention that aren't online: - In seat service for people who can't get to the bar/ merchandise stalls. - Wheelchair friendly terrain throughout the building facilitating LOTS of independence. - No overhang in the way due to the layout of seats, however more of a side view than expected as it was advertised as a unobstructed. People with dynamic disabilities or who are chronically ill aren't actively considered in the refund policy however their ticket protection terms seem very generous so I'm sure this would be taken into account on a case by case basis. They had a strict re-admittance policy which makes sense as the actors used the aisles during the show, however they did let people in and out if absolutely necessary at a safe time to do so. The foyer wasn't specifically a 'chill out space' as it didn't have a show relay or sensory items etc. but it was quite quiet throughout and members of the public were not welcome there without a ticket for the performance so was never any busier than the auditorium you were already in! Good online resources including trigger warnings and a digital program.

Transport & Parking


The lack of level access tube stations is no one's fault but TFL's and they are currently working to improve that however it is a long, slow, and unreliable process. Fortunately, there are many buses that stop right outside the theatre and there is street parking relatively close by, although it is almost always full or very expensive. It's still typically easier to get a taxi yet it isn't fair that you'd have to pay out that much more than the few pounds off an oyster card just because you're disabled. I also find public transport a sensory hell - maybe we could have quiet coaches on the trains and the bottom level of every bus?



As a listed building, I expected to have a harder time here than I did, however all details of their physical provisions are on their easy to navigate website which communicate transparently and in an accessible manner: Obviously, this does not speak for any back of house areas as I only attended as an audience member.





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