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Arndale Centre

Market Street, Manchester, M4 3AQ, United Kingdom | 0161 833 9851 | Website


Good for 'Me Time'



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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair, Powerchair


Upsides: Most shops very accessible and helpful staff, good amount of well maintained disabled toilets including a 'changing places' facility. Fantastic local shopmobility scheme based here. Downsides: The main lifts are often overly busy, especially at weekends and you may find yourself waiting some time before you can get in one despite one being marked as wheelchair priority.

Transport & Parking


Parking is free if you are using the shopmobility scheme and get your parking validated. Excellent public transport links if you're not driving.



Most of the shops have good access but others require some serious help - some have things far too close together and I wonder how people with buggies get round never mind wheelchairs! Staff are generally very helpful though. The pavement by the entrance near shopmobility is abysmal for wheelchair users, especially those who self-propel.



Changing places toilet is spotless and fully equipped, A++ Other toilets are a lot more busy and a bit more hit and miss but are regularly cleaned. All disabled toilets have RADAR locks.



Very good, helpful, never had a problem whenever I've been there.

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Would recommend it to other people, its a good place to go where as a wheelchair user you don't need someone else to be with you for opening doors all the time or helping you with obstacles, you can just float around at your leisure and enjoy some 'me time'.

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